So we just moved from a 2 bedroom trailer.  It was a tight fit.  We had our Little Miss at the end of March, and ever since then…okay the few months leading up to her arrival too…I felt like I was in a holding pattern.  We had all of our books packed up, and we were just waiting on the word to move.

Now that we are moved and mostly settled in, I feel so ready to establish routine for not just the kids, but for me too.  That’s proving to be a bit of a challenge.  With the summer coming to a close, I’m feeling the push to the home stretch to get settled and into that routine.  I’ve never been great about establishing organized time, but I am needing it.  The kids are needing it.  It is a good thing!

I found this app for my android phone that is a check list.  It is called “Tick Tick.”  It is THE BEST task list app I’ve used, and I’ve used quite a few.  It keeps me on track with my daily “to do” list.  Maybe I’ll give a full review of it another day.

The Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy is to focus on you, not them.  Going into detail on that is for another day.  But just know that it works amazingly.  So when it comes to setting up a routine, yes, I’m focusing on me.  When I focus on me, they naturally follow.

Here is how my mornings have been going.

I send my husband off to work and get to see this fantastic sunrise, right off of our front porch!  Okay, sometimes, I’m not necessarily out of bed, but I can definitely see the sunrise from my window!

Morning Sunrise
Morning Sunrise

Then I sit down to do my personal scripture study and my lesson prep for the class I teach a church.  Since I have been consistent with that, my days have been so much more peaceful and at ease.

2 Nephi
2 Nephi

Then this little beauty wakes up smiling!  While I nurse her, I finish up my studies.

Happy girl!
Happy girl!

The beauty of leading by focusing on your education is that the children follow suit…

Morning reading time.
Morning reading time.

While the boy decides he needs to “go to work.”  He pretends to work for UPS like his daddy and deliver packages!

Going to work!
Going to work!

Mornings are reserved for chores outside, inside, and getting ready for the day.  Other activities, including “kid school” start around 10 am.  Everyday is different in what we choose to do, while some days have a set activity.  For example, on Tuesdays, we go to our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to do family history!  I love it!  It is such a fascinating activity…not to mention the opportunity the kids have to learn about their direct ancestors, and the time period surrounding them.

The furthest back I could go this time was 30 AD!!
The furthest back I could go this time was 30 AD!!

History: *check*

Library day is twice a week, and we will be adding in piano lessons soon!

Little Lady (LL) who is 11 and about to graduate from Core Phase to Love of Learning Phase, is learning about rabbits currently, because she wants to be able to do 4-H and submit some bunnies in the county fair!

Bug is still in Core Phase and still working to find her passion.  If it is drawing, cooking, and/or playing with the animals, she is all in.

The Boy, is all about playing, chasing the kitties, and giving his baby sister hugs and kisses.  He loves her so!  He is thriving on his new bedtime routine!

Little Miss is growing like a weed.  She is such a little doll!  She sleeps amazingly at night, but gets awakened too much in the day.  I am working hard to find her comfort zone, and to help her learn how to sleep in her bed during the day time!  She likes her swing currently!

We break for dinner prep, which is around 4:30.  We eat at 6 or so, then we begin the bedtime prep.  This is the new bit!  I have been so bad about letting the kids stay up way too late, and The Boy has really struggled with that….making everyone’s evenings tough.

We do an alright job at reading scriptures at night.  It is hard when Hoss (the hubs) gets home late.  Which leaves it to me to get the kids rounded up to read together and have family prayers before bed.

The Boy’s bedtime is at 7:30 pm, so when that time comes up, we clean up, go potty and brush teeth, then he gets to pick out two books that Hoss or I read to him.  Prayers follow, and he goes to sleep.  It is rare that he is awake for more than 10 minutes after laying down.

The older girls are usually in bed by 8:30, and Little Miss has one last feeding before she hits the hay around 9 or 9:30 pm.

Then I have some time to myself to decompress and read a good book, or get caught up on some laundry and cleaning.

It is amazing how long I got away with not having much structure.  Or maybe it wasn’t a case where we didn’t have structure, but that it changed…or needed to change to fit the needs of all of our children.  I certainly have changed a lot over the last 10 years…especially over the last 5.

It feels good to make positive changes that everyone needs.  It makes me realize that we need a whole lot more tweaks and edits to our daily lives.  But I’m looking forward to facing those challenges.


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