I just spent the entire day 35 minutes away from home.

What’s the big deal you ask?  That’s not so bad.


It is a big deal when you take into account how many times you tend to leave home with all kids for just a quick trip into town.

I LOVE where we now live.  The country, the sunsets, the clear views, the QUIET!  It is amazing!  But…and I knew this but would exist.  It is a drastic change to plan my life in a way that ensures that I do not have to leave the house very many times in a week.

Twice a week is my goal.  A goal that I am not doing so great at meeting.

Like I said, I knew it was going to be a challenge.  We’ve always lived just a few minutes from the grocery store, and the a
ctivities that we have always been involved in.

I am not so sure that in the two months that we have lived out in the country, I have actually stayed home for 5 days of the week.  So, I have had to sit down and have a really thoughtful moment about what is important to the kids and myself, and what should hold priority.  The hubs is usually gone almost every day, making his Saturdays his precious day for staying home (which has only happened once).  We’re working on that.

In order to get a really good perspectiveon where our time was being spent, I sat down and listed out all of the things that we were doing each week.  Then I crossed off what I felt was extra “not as important” activities.  For example, I chose to “X” off playing weekly volleyball, opting for a more loose schedule consisting of  an occasional get together where spouses can possibly join.  I also decided that instead of doing family history once a week, that we would adjust and do it once every other week.  That way, we could plan any grocery trips or errands for that day that we decide to leave the house, and I can spend the rest of the week in the home teaching the kids, learning, and working.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice the less important activities to stay sane.  I find that we are all happier when we are on a nice moderate schedule with minimal trips away from the home.

Now to just get in the habit.  It is a process, and I have to keep reminding myself that it will take a little bit of time.


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