I love kitties and always have.  We haven’t owned a cat since we lived in Idaho over 5 years ago, and we always talked about when we moved out of our tiny trailer that we would get a kitten.  Well, once we knew that we were moving out into the country, we planned to get a kitten after the move.

We were going to adopt a full grown cat from some people we knew, but it fell through.  We had everything ready to go, the litter box, cat food, toys, treats, and even catnip!  The kids especially were so excited, and when the day to go pick up the cat arrived, we found out that it was a no go.  So, we decided to look elsewhere to get a cat.  The local animal shelter.

It was a hard decision, and the worker her me say to the kids that I was torn between two kittens, she said, “Well, if you adopt two, we’ll do it for the price of one.”

Clever lady!  I just knew these two kitties were going to be perfect for what we wanted and needed, although the worker wasn’t so sure.  She thought they might fight, and that the white one might not like our dog (while she was there, she hissed at every other animal).  The darker kitten was labeled as the playful one that would like dogs.

Titus meeting the kitties for the first time. He was so excited he was shaking!
Titus meeting the kitties for the first time. He was so excited he was shaking!
Just arriving home.
Just arriving home.

Ultimately, we wanted cats that would help to keep the mice at bay.  So when I saw the white kitten hunting flies, I knew she would be a good choice, and when I saw how playful and friendly the darker kitten was, I thought that she might just have potential too.

We certainly lucked out, because both kittens are both very sweet AND tolerant of The Boy!  They let him pack them around for a very long time.  After a while, once they get their chance, they will make a run for it and go hide to nap, or go outside to play.  They rarely scratch and bite even less.  Although, they know when to pull out their claws!

The Boy likes to push the cats around in their kennel. Pepper does the best at avoiding him, so it’s usually Oreo who gets packed around.

0816151712 0816151715

Pepper is the darker cat…the color of pepper… see what we did there?  She was the one thought to like dogs.  Hahaha, that couldn’t be further from the truth!  She will let Titus know how she feels about him at any given moment that he gets a little too close!  She has hurt him a few times…and that poor boy just yelps and runs off.  He just wants to play!  I do have to say that she is getting more comfortable with him.  However, there are still the days where if he gets too close, she’ll let him have it… or sometimes she goes after him for something to do!  But Titus still loves her!


The new kitties meeting Titus for the first time.  He was so excited he was shaking

Oreo went through a myriad of names before we landed on “Oreo.”  Quill (her tail looks like it was dipped into ink), Q, DQ (Dairy Queen)… we were just trying to get creative!  But black and white, Oreo stuck.  She is so sweet and gentle.  I call her “my cat,” because she likes to snuggle with me.  She is definitely a hunter.  She still chases flies, but since she was big enough to go outside, she hunts everything, I’m certain.  She brought us home a bird just a few days after being outside.  I feel confident that she will help keep those rodents at bay!  To top it off, she LOVES Titus!  She can be found snuggling him!  It is the sweetest thing!

0729151314 0806151714a 0720152104 0820151858

We were worried that getting the kittens so soon was a bit rushed, but I am so glad that we got them, because I feel like we got cats that will be everything that we want, snuggly, playful, and hunters!

Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to keep them from scratching on the furniture!  We definitely need to save up for a cat tree!


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