Prison Break

As human beings who recognize our own imperfections, we can often be so hard on ourselves that we become a prisoner in our own bodies and minds.  As a race created in the image of our Creator, I am certain that He does not see us in the way that we so often speak to ourselves and refer to ourselves.  We limit our own potential by disregarding our strengths.  I once heard of a man who lovingly told a story about how his wife fixed a grand meal for a large group, who all complimented it.  Her response was, “It just needed more potatoes.”  Or so, that is how I remember the story going.  He later went on to say that we sometimes get so caught up in being perfect now, that we don’t stop to recognize where we are succeeding.

Sure, we all have room for improvement, but that isn’t ever going to change.  Improvement and change is a process.  Not an event.

Ultimately, we become what we tell ourselves that we are.  It is the truth!  I have experienced it!  Our health reflects these things that we tell ourselves.  I know women will often say things like “I’m fat,” or “This cellulite,” or “My skin looks awful!”  I didn’t think that I was particularly bad at negative self talk, but once I honed in on it, I realized that I was beating myself up on a daily basis.  I was being held back from my health goals by the way I was talking to myself.

We use about 5% of our brains on a conscious level.  Did you know, that our subconscious is absorbing everything that we are putting into our mind?  The thing is, that since we only use 5% of our brain, our subconscious is not connecting to what our reality is.  If I am telling myself that I am fat, that is what my subconscious is going to believe to be reality and nothing is going to change permanently, because that is how it is…to my subconscious.  However, if I start telling myself positive things, especially in the mirror, my subconscious will start to alter its belief system and then start to make changes.  Have you ever heard of the law of attraction?  You become what you think about?  Well, here it is.

So, today, say something nice about yourself, say a few things.  In fact, write them down.  Make them positive affirmations that you can tell yourself every morning and every evening.

You Are Awesome

My mentor, Stacy Harmer, wrote in her book, 7 Steps to Vibrant Living about her affirmations and how she developed them.  She looked at the women in her life that she admired or looked up to.  She picked out the attributes that each woman has that she admired, and made those her affirmations.

My affirmations are very personal.  When coming up with mine, I focused on the things I wanted to achieve in my life.  These things are certainly not obtained yet; like I said above, improvement and change is a process.  Not an event.  Some of my affirmations are:
I am lean and strong.  I am a fit athlete.  I am powerful and I am achieving my goals.  I am beautiful and strong.  I am Christlike and Charitable.
I have a full-page of affirmations in my journal, that I read regularly and state daily.

What negative self talk do you find yourself doing?  How can you turn those statements around to become a powerful, positive, and uplifting statement?  How are you going to break out of the prison that holds you back from succeeding?


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