If you are participating in the 28 Day Weight Release Challenge, it has been five days since you started.  It takes serious hard work and dedication to start any new habit, let alone changing the way that we may have eaten for most of our lives.  Learning that foods in which we once believed to be good or okay for our bodies are really doing harm, can throw us for a loop.  It takes a lot of practice to change our mentality to be more accepting of the new.  I notice this in my own life and in my own family.

Not everyone has been happy about the changes.  I first started making these changes on my own in January.  The only thing that I changed was what I fixed for dinner each night (Low Glycemic–no sugar, breads, pastas, or processed foods.  The kids would have (for the most part) what they wanted for breakfast and lunch, and I would have my meal replacements and my snacks as necessary.  Although, I did make a few changes to what they were able to eat each meal.  For instance, my 5 year old LOVES oatmeal, so I upgraded his oatmeal from quick oats to old-fashioned  and sometimes steel-cut oats, he still loves them, yet they are lower on the glycemic index.

As I started to release weight and feel good, leaving behind my withdrawal symptoms (from sugar), my family started to be more okay with the changes.  My husband even decided to join me on this present weight release challenge!  That’s a big deal!  He has been releasing his own weight, and we are only in the first week!  The kids are more on board and used to seeing what I have been eating.  So they are more open to trying the new types of foods.  Not that they don’t ever just want a donut or cake or something tasty like that, because they do.  I do too!  And on the rare occasion, we can have those in small servings and doses.

You see, it isn’t about never having pasta, bread, candy bars, or donuts, it’s just realizing that we need to be limiting how often we have them, because having a well-balanced diet is key to feeling our best!

So check in with your body.  How are you feeling today?  Remember, that getting healthy, releasing weight, and change is a process, not an event!

You got this!

Today, I’m feeling optimistic!  It’s a new day with new opportunities and goals!


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