I am sure that many of you have heard of the law of attraction.  If not, it is a universal law in which your thoughts and the things that you focus on become your reality.  You attract what you think about.

I realize there is a lot of stigma surrounding this topic, but when embraced it can be a powerful tool.  One that I have only just begun to realize.  This topic goes really well with the positive affirmations post from Monday.  Our subconscious is powerful, and when we focus on the negative, we draw more negative toward us.  Have you ever been around someone who is always so negative and seeing the glass half empty?  After an extended amount of time around them, you can begin to feel the negativity sucking out your happiness and joy.  Those people are rarely happy, because they are so focused and dwelling on everything that is wrong, or hard, or frustrating.

We all feel this way, and it is normal, but what is not normal is dwelling on these things continually.  Doing this, sets us up for failure.  All we have to do is change the way we think about things.  Gratitude plays a key role here.  Maybe that is a great topic for tomorrow, in the meantime, let’s discuss the images that we are seeing every day.

Think about the pictures and artwork that you have hanging on the walls of you home.  These are things that you are seeing every single day…or could be seeing every single day.  From my experience, it is so easy to walk past those beautiful and inspiring pictures without internalizing them.  A picture of Christ can become just a background image, if we don’t stop and look at it and think about what it means to us.  When I do stop and look at that picture, it helps me have more focus on Him throughout my day.  Those days are always uplifting and better.

So, how can you centralize all of the goals and other things that are most important to you?  You make a vision board…or a dream board!

Have you ever made one?  Collecting pictures from magazines, printing off pictures and putting together a board of all the things you want to be able to do, become, and aspire to be!  This tool, while so simple is so powerful!  So go ahead, I challenge you to put together your own vision board, and make a point to look at it-not just glance at it-but really look at it, internalizing each image and word and focusing on what that thing, goal, or person means to you and how you will feel when you have achieved the goal surrounding it.

Not the artistic type?  No problem!  Make yourself a digital vision board and put the image on your phone home screen, or on your desktop computer.

Here is my vision board.  A few years ago, I had heard about the law of attraction.  I didn’t know a ton about it, but I just knew that if you surrounded yourself with images, and things that remind you of what you want, it will eventually come.  So, I put it to the test.  We lived in a small trailer in town, with a bunch of other trailers all jammed into a small space.  I got a cookie jar that looked like a barn, a barn and silo salt and pepper set, some figurines of chickens and cows, and IDSCN0792 bought a calendar containing different pictures of country life.  That was about 3 years ago.  Now, I live on a small farm, I am getting ready to plant a garden, and next year, we plan on getting chickens, and some other livestock.  Some might say it is a coincidence, but I say otherwise.  I thought about what country life would be like every time I saw those things.  Thinking about something tends to bring action.

I’m a believer!




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