Turmeric and My “Golden Milk”

I have seen a lot of hype about turmeric over the last year or so.  I am sure the hype has been growing for a lot longer than that even.  So, have you heard of it?  What do you know about it?


The use of turmeric has a rich history.  It is interesting how long it has taken for it to become a big thing here in America.  It was known as Indian Saffron in medieval England, was used as a common culinary spice, and was well-known for its medicinal properties (Via Dr Axe).  It later started to make its way around the world!  It has been used in religious ceremonies as well as medicinal arts for thousands of years!  It is a pretty powerful little spice!

The reason turmeric is so powerful and healthful is due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic aspects, among others.

Inflammatory is the number one causes of disease in the human body.  I am speaking today, primarily of inflammation in the organs and digestive system.

Turmeric is a great way to help the swelling, not just in the gut, but in your joints as well.  Having turmeric regularly is the only way I have been able to sustain high impact exercise on my knee (surgery, arthritis), and not have it swell up like a grapefruit.  I add turmeric powder to my cooking, but when I really want to get a boost of anti-inflammatory medicine, I make “Golden Milk.”



The original Golden Milk recipe comes from Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico.  They specialize in holistic health and healing.  Anyone who goes and stays there is served Golden Milk every morning.  This destination is on my bucket list, as it is a resort as well as a wellness center where you not only get specialized treatment, but education as well!  A friend of mine shared with me her recipe that she developed from Sanoviv’s recipe, and I have since tailored it to my tastes.  I have it a few times a week in the morning after I drink my lemon water and before I have breakfast, but you can have it a few times a day if you wish.



Here is my recipe:

Evelyn’s Golden Milk
derrived from Sanoviv’s recipe

10 oz Hot filtered water
10 oz Coconut Milk (Vanilla)
1 inch Fresh Turmeric
1 inch Fresh Ginger
1 Tbs Lemon Juice
1 Tbs Coconut Oil
5 drops Stevia (Vanilla)
a dash of Organic Cinnamon
a few cranks of Ground Black Pepper

Heat water, a little under boiling.  Pour into blender (I have a blendtec that works great, but any high powered blender used for smoothies will work).  I then put the coconut oil in so it can melt down in the hot water.  Add all ingredients, saving the coconut milk for last.  You want the coconut oil to melt all the way, and the coconut milk cools it down enough to not have an issue in the blender.  Blend until completely blended.  You will have a bright yellow drink.  I portion this out into two servings, and drink quickly with a straw (the turmeric could stain your teeth).
NOTE: It is best to use all organic ingredients, but availability might be limited for some of the ingredients.


Coconut oil has its own health benefits, including helping with detox, as well as cinnamon.  Ground black pepper seems an odd choice, but it actually helps your body absorb these awesome ingredients 10 fold!  I add the stevia and cinnamon for a little sweetness, because I just can’t get it down without it.  It is a flavor that I have grown to enjoy…as I drink it quickly. 🙂

For more information on turmeric visit the following:



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