Cheat Day

Photo and Recipe Found hereIt is very common when restricting sugar to have one cheat meal each week. Doing this will have two benefits.
1.  You will not be withholding entirely.  Your body takes about a week to start to get used to not functioning off of high sugar.  It takes much longer to get out of the craving mode/habit of eating a high sugar diet.  Days that you aren’t drinking enough water, or eating enough of the good stuff, you will find your body asking for chocolate, other sweets, salty or fried foods.  This happens to everyone.  Start by drinking a large glass of water, and if you are still having a craving, reach for some fresh-cut veggies!
2.  Your body starts to get comfortable when it feels good and is used to getting the nutrients it needs, so it will often slow down the metabolism.  Having a treat will help jump-start your body to start burning that sugar off and using it as fuel.
The thing is, you do not have to binge and eat everything in site.  It is best to have a plan in place, to prevent over-indulgence.
You certainly can have a cheat day without having sugar, or going all out. I usually opt for a small dessert, or sometimes I might want some chips. Ultimately, it doesn’t have to be a binge, and it usually doesn’t affect your progress.  One of my favorite treats since I have started eating a low glycemic diet is having coconut cake.  It has zero sugar in it and is made with coconut flour.  It is low glycemic, with natural sweeteners added.  It tastes fantastic!  Maybe just have fruit with some cream.  Really, there are so many sugar-free, non processed foods for us, right at our fingertips (Thank you web)!
Photo and Recipe Found here
I think for me it is about learning portion control and self-control. Our bodies and brains LOVE sugar. In fact, we are programmed, when we have it, we want more.
Here is an article that I found interesting about cheat days, including the pros and cons.
So whether you like to have your cheat day/meal every single week, or you wish to not hinder your progress, then rest at ease.  There is no one way to do it.  Just set your goals and do your best to achieve them!  You’ll succeed!  You just have to keep going!
You got this!

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