Why are smoothies such a great way to start your day?


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It isn't new knowledge that breakfast is the mossy important meal of the day. Our body has been fasting for the night, and in order to really get a good boost of energy to get through the day, we need to put good energy giving food!

Here's another question. How many of you grab a buritto, fast food, or even skip breakfast altogether on your way to work? Or, as I have heard, "I can't eat breakfast. I just need some caffeine."

Smoothies are quick to make and they are delicious if you know how to combine ingredients, and if you use fresh produce in them, you are putting living vibrant energy into your body! Let's face the facts. When I start with a delicious whole food, no sugar smoothie, I feel great…compared to eating highly processed and sugar filled cereals.

You Can make it easy, by preparing all of your fruits and veggies beforehand and freezing them. I have been surprised to find how easily fresh spinach and kale freeze!

Here's a New recipe for you to give a try!

8-10 oz coconut water or filtered water
1 banana (if your blender Can take it, leave on some of the peel)
1 Orange with some peel
1 lime with peel
A handful of spinach
1 tomato

Combine and enjoy! I personally personally the flavor of lime. I first had this recipe as a sample from Costco! If your blender Can handle the peel, try putting it in for an added bit of vitamins! Wash them good first!

Progress starts by changing one thing today, or right now.

Quoted from The Conscious Creator by Kris Krohn, “You also need to understand how to be patient, to do the right things for a long enough period of time for your vision to unfold.”

For your health, have a smoothie for breakfast!

For more benefits of having smoothies, click here <—


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