This post is timely for me.  We celebrated my sweet little one’s birthday yesterday.  She turned ONE!  She is a precious thing! Well, we went to do some birthday shopping for her, and we live 40 miles away from the town we were shopping in.  We did not prepare for being there all day long.  It was supposed to be a few hours, max.  However, it turned into all day.  We had a great time!  Got a salad bar for lunch, and then when dinner came around, we needed something quick.  Naturally, it was our cheat day, and so we chose Burger King.  We haven’t had a whole lot of fast food since we started the 28 Day Weight Release Challenge.  We have eaten out, sure, but we have been able to get foods that are okay.

Well, halfway through my hamburger, I started to feel sick to my stomach.  I didn’t listen to my body, I just kept eating it.  Well, by the time that we got home, the headache that started out was just getting worse, I could hardly open my eyes.  We were waiting for daddy to get home to have cake and ice cream.  I just kept thinking, I don’t know how I’m going to eat any cake and ice cream…especially since I have learned that  my body cannot handle dairy very well.

Not to worry though, my body returned the hamburger… and I promptly went to bed.


Something to know about me.  I am a very competitive person.  I have played sports all my life, and whenever I have started something like this, I see to have to be all or nothing. I have to do it perfectly.  Well, I have realized that mentality is not realistic, nor is it a reality.  Ever.  Somehow, I try to hold myself to this unhealthy mentality.

This thinking is a limiting belief.  Something that in the end holds me back, because if I’m not going to be perfect, I might as well not do it, right?  Well, I have been working to build a new belief system.  One that allows mistakes, and one that allows forgiveness AND continued progress.

I slept in (I feel loads better).  I haven’t weighed myself since Monday morning, but I thought I’d get on the scale just to see the damage.  I’m down from Monday… approximately 4 pounds.  So, other than that one mistake, I’m still doing many things right and good.

My new belief is this:  I don’t have to be perfect.  I live in the real world, where mistakes are made, and I learn from my mistakes.  My mistakes do not keep me from my end goal, because I can still see the progress being made.  I can be forgiving of myself in all things, especially in changing my lifestyle (one that has been build and achieved through most of my life).  That change doesn’t happen over night.  It’s a process.

How do you need to be more forgiving of yourself in changing your lifestyle?  What are your limiting beliefs?  How can you change those to help empower yourself during the changes you are making?  This isn’t a diet.  It is meant to help you learn how to change your lifestyle to make better choices for the rest of your life!

Tell me what your new belief is!


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