The Health Equation

When people talk about getting fit and losing weight, we mostly hear about eating habits and exercise.  These are so important; however, there is one element of the equation missing.  Supplementation.

So many people are starving to death.  You wouldn’t think that, looking at them (especially with the rate of over weight people), but it is the truth.  Without proper nutrition, people are starving at the cellular level!  When our body needs fuel, it sends a signal to our brains that we need food.  Our tummy growls, and we then proceed to feed the hunger.  The question is, what are we feeding our bodies?  When we eat highly processed foods, our bodies are getting little to no nutrition from the food–thus sending the body the signal AGAIN, for food.  In doing this, we are eating empty calories that wind up getting stored as fat.  It is a vicious cycle.  Someone eating the same old, dead and empty foods – spiking blood sugar, storing fat, and maxing out the pancreas.

In the Standard American Diet (SAD), majority of people are just not getting sufficient nutrition to maintain their health.  Even the soil that our produce is grown in is leached of proper nutrition, leaving our good vibrant foods lacking in the full nutritional value they should be able to provide for us.

Not to mention that approximately 85% of the food found in a grocery store is highly processed and loaded with sugars.  Add the fact that in order to buy fresh produce, and healthier food options, it costs so much more than the alternative.  This just sets us up to fail.

So, for all of those missing nutrients, we need to turn to supplements to help provide what we are lacking.  Even those who are eating a healthy whole food diet, they too, need supplements to get everything that they need.

Here’s the thing.  Choosing the right supplement and company is a challenge.  There are so many options.  You might ask, are they all created equal?  The short answer to that is, NO.

But luckily, one man wanted to be able to compare brands, in order to choose the very best!  Lyle MacWilliam was the man.  He did the research and published this book, Comparitive Guide to Nutritional Supplements.


I happen to have this book.  If you are local, I would be more than willing to let you look through it.  If you are not local, then I would be very willing to look up any supplement for you.  Just contact me.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

To inquire about the supplements that I take, please contact me.


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