Having an daily routine is so important to establishing healthy habits, and helping you reach your goals.  I didn’t always believe that it was such a big deal.  When my two oldest children were younger, they seemed to do relatively well without a strict daily routine.  After the two younger kids came, I realized how lacking my life was in this area.  Over the first handful of years, I developed some poor habits that have proven very hard to break.

Unbeknownst to me, the lack of schedule caught up to us.  Years of not planning ahead for meals, and not taking time out to exercise took its toll on our family.  The change began to happen after we moved out into the country.

If we have a daily routine, not only can we plan out our meals and know when we are going to eat them, we get to work other things into our lives that will be for our benefit.


Here are FOUR things to consider working into your daily routine for a more fulfilling and healthful life.


1. Plan.  Not having a meal plan will set anyone up for failure.  Especially if you are trying to change eating habits.  This meal plan should even include times that you plan to eat.  Waiting too long between meals, can cause cravings that will sabotage health goals, and could be a factor in binge eating.  Knowing what you eat and when is a major factor in losing weight and getting healthy.  Ultimately, the way we eat is the most important aspect of weight loss.  Exercise, while important is useless if we are not eating in a way that will encourage proper nutrition and fuel for our bodies without causing a major blood sugar spike and crash roller coaster.


2.  Exercise.  Diet is the most important thing to change when seeking to lose weight and or get healthy, but exercise really maximizes the process.  Every single person is different in the rate that they release excess weight, but by including both of these two aspects into a daily routine will prove to be optimal.  Remember that when first making these changes, it is not necessary to go all out with you exercise.  In fact, it will be easier on your body if you ease into it by starting with walks, light jogs, yoga, and other gentle forms of exercise.  As your endurance increases, harder more challenging exercises can be added in to suit your needs.  If you are already used to heavy exercise, then I say, keep on!


3. Meditation.  Setting time aside each day for you to reflect on your goals, desires, pray to God, study scriptures, and state your positive affirmations is a powerful tool in your life.  Not only will you develop a closer relationship to God, but you will also develop a healthier love for yourself.  Quiet reflection can ease stress, and help prepare yourself for the day, or for bed.


4. You time.  If you are anything like my husband and I, you are very devoted to the jobs, tasks, and events that you have going on every single day.  This can wear on a person greatly.  It is important that you take time for yourself, doing something that will bring you inner peace and joy.  As a stay at home, homeschooling mother of four children, I find that I really need something for myself.  It can be challenging to get some “me time” in every single day, but focusing on at least one day a week can do great things.  Don’t know  what to do for “me time?”  compile a list of things that bring you joy, and think of ways you can add those things into your life more often.


None of this is an exact science.  Since we are all so different, we will all find different results as we seek to better our lives and our health.  All in all, establishing a regular routine, focusing on some of these things will greatly improve your life, and your health!

Remember, trying to change everything at once can be very hard and discouraging.  I used to try to do it all at once, and I never lasted very long.  be patient with yourself and just keep trying.  Add in something new when you feel ready to do so!

What will you be adding to your daily routine?


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