Primary Foods

This topic might surprise you a little bit.  When we are looking at changing our lifestyle to be more healthy, losing unwanted weight, and reversing disease through diet, we need to consider other factors in our environment that might play a key role in our success.


Primary foods aren’t foods at all, at least, not in the sense that you might first think.  These foods are more so the relationships in our lives, career, physical activity and spirituality.  Many times, we are experiencing unwanted cravings when we are not nourishing these aspects of our lives.  Not only might we experience cravings, but we will also find ourselves feeling down, because we are lacking the fulfillment from one of those areas.

So when you are feeling like something is missing, take a personal inventory.  What is missing from your life?  Are you giving everything from your relationships that you could be?  Are you nurturing those important relationships with others?  How about your physical activity?  Are you exercising regularly to strengthen your body and release those endorphins that are so important to feeling great and feeling happy?  How about your career?  Are you fulfilling your purpose?  Is your career fulfilling?  Are you connecting with your higher power daily?  Is that relationship strengthening daily, or is there something lacking?

When we neglect these vital parts of our well-being, we begin to feel down, or even depressed.  We need to ensure that we are taking care of our own immediate needs regularly, in order to be available to help others.  Your to-do list should consist of nurturing the body, heart, mind, and soul every single day.  Doing this will automatically put you in a frame of mind to take the necessary steps to nourish your body through food as well.

Have you noticed a time in your life when focusing on your primary foods benefited your whole well-being?


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