Success after the challenge

Eating healthy and exercising regularly are not hard when you have a group of people doing it with you, when you have points to keep track of, and especially when prize money is at stake!  But what do you do when the challenge is over?  When the support group has dissipated?  It is so easy to go back to the way things were before the support group entered your life.  Believe me, I know.  It can be disheartening to have that support gone…it can be quiet, leaving you to think, “Now what?”

So, let’s talk about how to create success after the challenge.  Here’s 8 tips to set yourself up for success.

1. It is so important to get an accountability partner.  It can be a friend, relative, someone you met during your challenge, but you need someone who is going to be supportive, yet they are going to call you out when you need it.

2.  You need to have your why firmly in place, and you need to have it written down, like I mentioned here.  If you are not reminding yourself regularly why you want to get healthy, it will be even easier to slip back into old habits.

3.  You need to set goals.  Specific goals, some long-term, some short-term, but make sure you take the time out to figure out at least 1 step you can take right now, to achieve that goal.  Those little steps will get you there!  Make sure you write out your goals where you will see them regularly, because not writing them down, is showing a lack of commitment.

This website has great tips on setting and achieving goals.

4.  Keep track of your progress.  If you want to make a cool graph on the computer track it on myfitnesspal, or if you just want to write it down in your journal, make sure you are seeing the progress that you are making.  Not matter how big or small, your progress is, its progress!  It’s a win!

5. Be nice to yourself!  Positive self talk is HUGELY important!  If you are saying things to put yourself down, your subconscious will take that to be the truth, and it will greatly limit your full potential.

6. Regularly let go of emotions that are clogging up your progress.  Sometimes you might feel stuck, like you just can’t get past a certain milestone, or you just can’t bring yourself to continue toward you goal or goals.  This is common, and it is most commonly due to past experiences, that made you decide something that was not true about yourself.  It is so freeing to rid our bodies of these emotions, and to allow healing and growth to continue.  If you feel like this is something you need guidance for, please contact me, and I can walk you through it.  It is something I am becoming certified in.

7. Forgive yourself!  Make sure that you are not holding onto your past mistakes.  I cannot stress this enough.  When you make a mistake…and it is bound to happen, then you need to let it go and continue.  Tomorrow is another day.  The next hour is another hour.  Your future is not written based on your past.  Your future will be determined by what you choose right now, in this moment.  Pick yourself back up and try again.  I like this thought from Sandy over at Sandycadamy said:  “failing a quiz is better than getting a 0 for not even trying.”  Failure is the sign that you are willing to do what is hard to reach your goals.


8.  Learn from your mistakes.  Life is full of mistakes.  That is how we learn, and that is how we gain wisdom.  What you do after you make the mistake determines how you are going to progress.  I like the quote, “Make a mistake once and it becomes a lesson.  Make a mistake twice and it becomes a choice.”  There are quite a few variations to this quote, so I cannot tell you who said it… but it still rings of truth.


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