One Step


I am going to state something that is pretty bold.  I would say that generally speaking, most people know on some level what is good for them, and what is not.  There is general knowledge out there, that is absorbed from all parts of life.  Fried bad, fresh veggies good.  So, when a person gets to the point where he or she is just tired of being sick and tired.  Tired of being overweight and not feeling the best.  Often times a person just isn’t sure where to start, or how to start.  A lifetime of habits can prove to be a real struggle to change.  I like the story of David Faires from Utah.  He found one change that he could make, that would turn his health around.  He took out of his daily diet, his slurpee.  As time went on, he started incorporating more changes, eating healthier, and exercising.  Faires stated, “You just can’t think about what you should do to lose weight, you have to actually do it.”

Watch this short video about his inspiring story.  I have been holding onto this video for about 5 years, because when I saw it, it inspired me to realize that I do not have to change everything at once.  I just have to make the next right decision to benefit my health.

Since there is so much confusion out there about health and weight loss, it is so important, to educate ourselves.  You can make good changes, but if you do not understand why you are doing it, then you are less likely to continue with those changes.  It is easier to give up when your first or tenth craving hits!  Your continued health depends on it!

What is one step that you can take, starting today, that will take you that much further toward your health goals?

For me?  It is finally saying no to dairy, peanuts, and gluten.  It certainly won’t be easy.


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