Low Glycemic Tips

Cutting out sugar when you are used to it regularly can be a huge challenge. Sugar is certainly addictive. So learning to replace that sugar with nutrient dense foods is key to success. When you get a will roused nutrient rich diet, you do not crave sweets nearly as often. So, to help you with the change, I found some tips.

   Seven Simple Steps for Successful Low Glycemic Eating

 1. Eat plenty of fiber-rich vegetables like dark leafy greens, spaghetti squash
2.Beware of over doing  fruit (apples, pears, peaches, and berries have a lower GI than tropical fruits, like papaya and mangoes).
3. Eat every couple of hours to keep blood sugar stable.
4. Eat protein with every meal and snack
5. Drink lots of water (sometimes we think we are hungry when actually we are thirsty)
6. Always have a delicious salad made up and ready to eat.
7. Snack on vegetables like  jicama, bell peppers, spaghetti squash and edamame.
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Everything is a leaning process. We learn as we go, and as we experience things. If you are struggling, focus specifically on changing a few things at a time. Please contact me if you need more help and counsel!




This post is timely for me.  We celebrated my sweet little one’s birthday yesterday.  She turned ONE!  She is a precious thing! Well, we went to do some birthday shopping for her, and we live 40 miles away from the town we were shopping in.  We did not prepare for being there all day long.  It was supposed to be a few hours, max.  However, it turned into all day.  We had a great time!  Got a salad bar for lunch, and then when dinner came around, we needed something quick.  Naturally, it was our cheat day, and so we chose Burger King.  We haven’t had a whole lot of fast food since we started the 28 Day Weight Release Challenge.  We have eaten out, sure, but we have been able to get foods that are okay.

Well, halfway through my hamburger, I started to feel sick to my stomach.  I didn’t listen to my body, I just kept eating it.  Well, by the time that we got home, the headache that started out was just getting worse, I could hardly open my eyes.  We were waiting for daddy to get home to have cake and ice cream.  I just kept thinking, I don’t know how I’m going to eat any cake and ice cream…especially since I have learned that  my body cannot handle dairy very well.

Not to worry though, my body returned the hamburger… and I promptly went to bed.


Something to know about me.  I am a very competitive person.  I have played sports all my life, and whenever I have started something like this, I see to have to be all or nothing. I have to do it perfectly.  Well, I have realized that mentality is not realistic, nor is it a reality.  Ever.  Somehow, I try to hold myself to this unhealthy mentality.

This thinking is a limiting belief.  Something that in the end holds me back, because if I’m not going to be perfect, I might as well not do it, right?  Well, I have been working to build a new belief system.  One that allows mistakes, and one that allows forgiveness AND continued progress.

I slept in (I feel loads better).  I haven’t weighed myself since Monday morning, but I thought I’d get on the scale just to see the damage.  I’m down from Monday… approximately 4 pounds.  So, other than that one mistake, I’m still doing many things right and good.

My new belief is this:  I don’t have to be perfect.  I live in the real world, where mistakes are made, and I learn from my mistakes.  My mistakes do not keep me from my end goal, because I can still see the progress being made.  I can be forgiving of myself in all things, especially in changing my lifestyle (one that has been build and achieved through most of my life).  That change doesn’t happen over night.  It’s a process.

How do you need to be more forgiving of yourself in changing your lifestyle?  What are your limiting beliefs?  How can you change those to help empower yourself during the changes you are making?  This isn’t a diet.  It is meant to help you learn how to change your lifestyle to make better choices for the rest of your life!

Tell me what your new belief is!



Why are smoothies such a great way to start your day?


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It isn't new knowledge that breakfast is the mossy important meal of the day. Our body has been fasting for the night, and in order to really get a good boost of energy to get through the day, we need to put good energy giving food!

Here's another question. How many of you grab a buritto, fast food, or even skip breakfast altogether on your way to work? Or, as I have heard, "I can't eat breakfast. I just need some caffeine."

Smoothies are quick to make and they are delicious if you know how to combine ingredients, and if you use fresh produce in them, you are putting living vibrant energy into your body! Let's face the facts. When I start with a delicious whole food, no sugar smoothie, I feel great…compared to eating highly processed and sugar filled cereals.

You Can make it easy, by preparing all of your fruits and veggies beforehand and freezing them. I have been surprised to find how easily fresh spinach and kale freeze!

Here's a New recipe for you to give a try!

8-10 oz coconut water or filtered water
1 banana (if your blender Can take it, leave on some of the peel)
1 Orange with some peel
1 lime with peel
A handful of spinach
1 tomato

Combine and enjoy! I personally personally the flavor of lime. I first had this recipe as a sample from Costco! If your blender Can handle the peel, try putting it in for an added bit of vitamins! Wash them good first!

Progress starts by changing one thing today, or right now.

Quoted from The Conscious Creator by Kris Krohn, “You also need to understand how to be patient, to do the right things for a long enough period of time for your vision to unfold.”

For your health, have a smoothie for breakfast!

For more benefits of having smoothies, click here <—

Cheat Day

Photo and Recipe Found hereIt is very common when restricting sugar to have one cheat meal each week. Doing this will have two benefits.
1.  You will not be withholding entirely.  Your body takes about a week to start to get used to not functioning off of high sugar.  It takes much longer to get out of the craving mode/habit of eating a high sugar diet.  Days that you aren’t drinking enough water, or eating enough of the good stuff, you will find your body asking for chocolate, other sweets, salty or fried foods.  This happens to everyone.  Start by drinking a large glass of water, and if you are still having a craving, reach for some fresh-cut veggies!
2.  Your body starts to get comfortable when it feels good and is used to getting the nutrients it needs, so it will often slow down the metabolism.  Having a treat will help jump-start your body to start burning that sugar off and using it as fuel.
The thing is, you do not have to binge and eat everything in site.  It is best to have a plan in place, to prevent over-indulgence.
You certainly can have a cheat day without having sugar, or going all out. I usually opt for a small dessert, or sometimes I might want some chips. Ultimately, it doesn’t have to be a binge, and it usually doesn’t affect your progress.  One of my favorite treats since I have started eating a low glycemic diet is having coconut cake.  It has zero sugar in it and is made with coconut flour.  It is low glycemic, with natural sweeteners added.  It tastes fantastic!  Maybe just have fruit with some cream.  Really, there are so many sugar-free, non processed foods for us, right at our fingertips (Thank you web)!
Photo and Recipe Found here
I think for me it is about learning portion control and self-control. Our bodies and brains LOVE sugar. In fact, we are programmed, when we have it, we want more.
Here is an article that I found interesting about cheat days, including the pros and cons.
So whether you like to have your cheat day/meal every single week, or you wish to not hinder your progress, then rest at ease.  There is no one way to do it.  Just set your goals and do your best to achieve them!  You’ll succeed!  You just have to keep going!
You got this!

Turmeric and My “Golden Milk”

I have seen a lot of hype about turmeric over the last year or so.  I am sure the hype has been growing for a lot longer than that even.  So, have you heard of it?  What do you know about it?


The use of turmeric has a rich history.  It is interesting how long it has taken for it to become a big thing here in America.  It was known as Indian Saffron in medieval England, was used as a common culinary spice, and was well-known for its medicinal properties (Via Dr Axe).  It later started to make its way around the world!  It has been used in religious ceremonies as well as medicinal arts for thousands of years!  It is a pretty powerful little spice!

The reason turmeric is so powerful and healthful is due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic aspects, among others.

Inflammatory is the number one causes of disease in the human body.  I am speaking today, primarily of inflammation in the organs and digestive system.

Turmeric is a great way to help the swelling, not just in the gut, but in your joints as well.  Having turmeric regularly is the only way I have been able to sustain high impact exercise on my knee (surgery, arthritis), and not have it swell up like a grapefruit.  I add turmeric powder to my cooking, but when I really want to get a boost of anti-inflammatory medicine, I make “Golden Milk.”



The original Golden Milk recipe comes from Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico.  They specialize in holistic health and healing.  Anyone who goes and stays there is served Golden Milk every morning.  This destination is on my bucket list, as it is a resort as well as a wellness center where you not only get specialized treatment, but education as well!  A friend of mine shared with me her recipe that she developed from Sanoviv’s recipe, and I have since tailored it to my tastes.  I have it a few times a week in the morning after I drink my lemon water and before I have breakfast, but you can have it a few times a day if you wish.



Here is my recipe:

Evelyn’s Golden Milk
derrived from Sanoviv’s recipe

10 oz Hot filtered water
10 oz Coconut Milk (Vanilla)
1 inch Fresh Turmeric
1 inch Fresh Ginger
1 Tbs Lemon Juice
1 Tbs Coconut Oil
5 drops Stevia (Vanilla)
a dash of Organic Cinnamon
a few cranks of Ground Black Pepper

Heat water, a little under boiling.  Pour into blender (I have a blendtec that works great, but any high powered blender used for smoothies will work).  I then put the coconut oil in so it can melt down in the hot water.  Add all ingredients, saving the coconut milk for last.  You want the coconut oil to melt all the way, and the coconut milk cools it down enough to not have an issue in the blender.  Blend until completely blended.  You will have a bright yellow drink.  I portion this out into two servings, and drink quickly with a straw (the turmeric could stain your teeth).
NOTE: It is best to use all organic ingredients, but availability might be limited for some of the ingredients.


Coconut oil has its own health benefits, including helping with detox, as well as cinnamon.  Ground black pepper seems an odd choice, but it actually helps your body absorb these awesome ingredients 10 fold!  I add the stevia and cinnamon for a little sweetness, because I just can’t get it down without it.  It is a flavor that I have grown to enjoy…as I drink it quickly. 🙂

For more information on turmeric visit the following:



This topic has been on the forefront of my mind over the last handful of months.  It seems that every aspect of my life, in which I try to improve upon, a big element becomes being grateful, or increasing my gratitude.

In the plight to get well, lose weight, or meet any of our health related goals, we cannot just change our diet and how much we exercise.  It is a whole lifestyle change, meaning it affects our mind, body, heart and soul.  Our emotions play a key role in how we feel, and being grateful naturally brings about more happiness and joy.

This is scientifically proven!  When we focus more on what we have, we lose sight of what we don’t have.  We are able to see how blessed we are, and turning that toward our higher power will even strengthen that!  If you don’t already, consider finding a place to write down the things that you are grateful for…but going a step further, try acting upon it.  Maybe tell your spouse why you are grateful for him/her, how about your children?

Making it a regular habit to write out a gratitude list will naturally bring us happiness.  No, not just happiness, but joy!  We do attract what we focus on, and I don’t know about you, but I definitely like being happy vs depressed and resentful.

If you don’t, consider making a list of a few things that you are grateful for every evening before bed.  Your brain focuses on those things that you think about just before bed.  So thinking about what you are grateful for just before bed will help embed them in your subconscious.

Here is a video of a monk talking about gratitude.  Give it a watch.  I like how he says that many people believe that they will be grateful after they achieve their goal, or earn that money etc, but this is not the case.  We find joy when we are grateful, no matter our situation.  When we focus on what we don’t have, we never achieve it, because once we do get what we want, we start to focus on something else that we don’t have.

David Steindl-Rast: Want to be happy? Be grateful



I am sure that many of you have heard of the law of attraction.  If not, it is a universal law in which your thoughts and the things that you focus on become your reality.  You attract what you think about.

I realize there is a lot of stigma surrounding this topic, but when embraced it can be a powerful tool.  One that I have only just begun to realize.  This topic goes really well with the positive affirmations post from Monday.  Our subconscious is powerful, and when we focus on the negative, we draw more negative toward us.  Have you ever been around someone who is always so negative and seeing the glass half empty?  After an extended amount of time around them, you can begin to feel the negativity sucking out your happiness and joy.  Those people are rarely happy, because they are so focused and dwelling on everything that is wrong, or hard, or frustrating.

We all feel this way, and it is normal, but what is not normal is dwelling on these things continually.  Doing this, sets us up for failure.  All we have to do is change the way we think about things.  Gratitude plays a key role here.  Maybe that is a great topic for tomorrow, in the meantime, let’s discuss the images that we are seeing every day.

Think about the pictures and artwork that you have hanging on the walls of you home.  These are things that you are seeing every single day…or could be seeing every single day.  From my experience, it is so easy to walk past those beautiful and inspiring pictures without internalizing them.  A picture of Christ can become just a background image, if we don’t stop and look at it and think about what it means to us.  When I do stop and look at that picture, it helps me have more focus on Him throughout my day.  Those days are always uplifting and better.

So, how can you centralize all of the goals and other things that are most important to you?  You make a vision board…or a dream board!

Have you ever made one?  Collecting pictures from magazines, printing off pictures and putting together a board of all the things you want to be able to do, become, and aspire to be!  This tool, while so simple is so powerful!  So go ahead, I challenge you to put together your own vision board, and make a point to look at it-not just glance at it-but really look at it, internalizing each image and word and focusing on what that thing, goal, or person means to you and how you will feel when you have achieved the goal surrounding it.

Not the artistic type?  No problem!  Make yourself a digital vision board and put the image on your phone home screen, or on your desktop computer.

Here is my vision board.  A few years ago, I had heard about the law of attraction.  I didn’t know a ton about it, but I just knew that if you surrounded yourself with images, and things that remind you of what you want, it will eventually come.  So, I put it to the test.  We lived in a small trailer in town, with a bunch of other trailers all jammed into a small space.  I got a cookie jar that looked like a barn, a barn and silo salt and pepper set, some figurines of chickens and cows, and IDSCN0792 bought a calendar containing different pictures of country life.  That was about 3 years ago.  Now, I live on a small farm, I am getting ready to plant a garden, and next year, we plan on getting chickens, and some other livestock.  Some might say it is a coincidence, but I say otherwise.  I thought about what country life would be like every time I saw those things.  Thinking about something tends to bring action.

I’m a believer!




If you are participating in the 28 Day Weight Release Challenge, it has been five days since you started.  It takes serious hard work and dedication to start any new habit, let alone changing the way that we may have eaten for most of our lives.  Learning that foods in which we once believed to be good or okay for our bodies are really doing harm, can throw us for a loop.  It takes a lot of practice to change our mentality to be more accepting of the new.  I notice this in my own life and in my own family.

Not everyone has been happy about the changes.  I first started making these changes on my own in January.  The only thing that I changed was what I fixed for dinner each night (Low Glycemic–no sugar, breads, pastas, or processed foods.  The kids would have (for the most part) what they wanted for breakfast and lunch, and I would have my meal replacements and my snacks as necessary.  Although, I did make a few changes to what they were able to eat each meal.  For instance, my 5 year old LOVES oatmeal, so I upgraded his oatmeal from quick oats to old-fashioned  and sometimes steel-cut oats, he still loves them, yet they are lower on the glycemic index.

As I started to release weight and feel good, leaving behind my withdrawal symptoms (from sugar), my family started to be more okay with the changes.  My husband even decided to join me on this present weight release challenge!  That’s a big deal!  He has been releasing his own weight, and we are only in the first week!  The kids are more on board and used to seeing what I have been eating.  So they are more open to trying the new types of foods.  Not that they don’t ever just want a donut or cake or something tasty like that, because they do.  I do too!  And on the rare occasion, we can have those in small servings and doses.

You see, it isn’t about never having pasta, bread, candy bars, or donuts, it’s just realizing that we need to be limiting how often we have them, because having a well-balanced diet is key to feeling our best!

So check in with your body.  How are you feeling today?  Remember, that getting healthy, releasing weight, and change is a process, not an event!

You got this!

Today, I’m feeling optimistic!  It’s a new day with new opportunities and goals!

Adrenals and Gratitude.

Question:  How did you sleep last night?

We live in a day in age where everyone is hopped up on sugars, and adrenaline.  Have you heard of the “Fight or Flight” response that all of us have?  When our lives our threatened, our glands pump adrenaline into our bodies that make us respond.  This has been the case since the beginning, when was first on the earth.  The idea is that if a predator was chasing after an early man, he would have that burst of energy to either run or fight the beast off.  The problem is, the great majority of us today are not threatened to survive.  We live in relatively safe and comfortable surroundings.

So why are “we” so dosed up on adrenaline or cortisol (the stress hormones), if we aren’t running or fighting for our lives?  The answer is simple.  Stress.  Rushing to get out the door in the morning to our destination on time.  Rushing to get the house picked up before someone comes over last-minute.  Your bills might be stacking up with little time to get enough money to pay them all.  Maybe you have a deadline with work, and little time to get it done in.  These types of situations are all things that our body responds to by pumping cortisol into our system…to get the job done.


The adrenal glands are two walnut sized glands located at the top of your kidneys.  These glands are responsible for releasing hormones into your body, like cortisol, epinepherine, estrogen, and testosterone.

How often are you stressed about something in a day?  I know yesterday, I was stressed about getting some assignments done, getting some chores done, and preparing meals to get out of the house on time AND to eat a healthy snack and dinner.  Then theSTRESS kids started to argue, and I felt my heart-rate increase – while I was in the middle of my stress cycle.  Then out came the “fight” aka the bear.  I got my errands done, I got the kids where they needed to be, and we even ate very well on the run.  I also got so tired that I just couldn’t anymore.  I was done.  I was exhausted.  I was stressed out for half the day.  HALF OF THE DAY.  So for that half of the day, my body was producing cortisol to keep me going.  Yet, my life was not threatened in any way.

Chronic stress can overload the adrenal glands, causing adrenal fatigue.  When we reach Adrenal Glands day 4the point of adrenal fatigue, we might be experiencing insomnia.  We feel tired, but we are still wired and cannot seem to sleep.  We will have zero energy, even after getting a full nights rest.  Let’s face it, our bodies have to be well-balanced in order to be healthy, and sleep is one of those components that is vital to having good health, and even weight loss.  When we are so exhausted from “going, going, going,” we might experience cravings for foods that are not going to help us get healthier.  Our bodies won’t have enough time to rest, and rebuild from the stress of the day, starting us out just a little behind.  This can build up.  When that happens, we need to slow down and allow our adrenal glands to heal and catch up to our lives.


Here are some tips to getting yourself whole again, and getting the rest that you need:

  1. Go to bed at the same time every night around 10:00-10:30 PM.
  2. Avoid stimulants like caffeine and sugar later in the day.  Ultimately it is best to avoid these anyway, to prevent our blood sugar levels from spiking throughout our day.
  3. Try thinking about 3-5 things that you are grateful for before you go to sleep.  List them out in a journal or out loud.  Even though you might be exhausted, there are always things that we can be grateful for.

Why Drink Warm Lemon Water

Each night as our bodies digest the food and fast, our bodies slow down, holding onto any toxins that may have been present in the foods.  Lemons are an alkaline food, and they are known to flush our bodies of the toxins that tend to build up.


Not only does it flush your body of toxins, it also helps to hydrate your body!  It is known to aid in weight loss!  Add all the healing properties, vitamins and minerals found in lemons, and you have one powerful food!

Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning is going to set you up for a vibrant and refreshing day!  It will settle any cravings that you are experiencing first thing in the morning, along with suppressing your appetite long enough to get a good low-glycemic meal prepared!

Why warm water?  Drinking ice-cold water takes more energy to absorb.  So drinking it warm in the morning allows it to fast track through your system before you get to your meal!

You don’t want it scalding hot though, just lukewarm, and it is best to use purified water.

When I prepare my warm lemon water, I heat a kettle of purified water until steaming, or sometimes the whistle blows if I’m busy doing other things.  We do not have a way of heating the water that comes out of our R/O system.  I then fill my tall glass 2/3 of the way with water from the R/O tap, squeeze half of a lemon into it, then pour the hot water on top.  It makes it the perfect temperature.

Making this a daily part of your routine will help you reach your health goals!

Here is another blog post that goes more in-depth as to the health benefits of drinking warm lemon water every single morning!
—-> 16 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water